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Kezia Cole is a writer, artist, and designer from various parts of southern and southwest England. She holds a BA (Hons) in art history, with specialties in Classics and Renaissance art, and an MA in medieval studies, along with a disparate collection of qualifications in game design, creative writing, textile art, and European history.

Zia is the author of three poetry collections, five novels, and a large number of short stories, though not always under the same pen name. Her poetry has been featured in magazines, journals, and on radio, and her artwork has formed part of mixed media exhibitions and festivals, plus featuring—alongside her graphic design work—on a number of book covers. Her fiction has been published by, among others, Random House eKhaya and Constable & Robinson, with stories appearing in multiple anthologies and international competition events.

When she isn’t writing, making a mess with paint, or staring blankly at Photoshop and drinking coffee, Kezia designs fabrics and knitwear, or takes long, muddy walks with an assortment of dogs. She is a passionate animal welfare advocate and experienced fosterer, and also enjoys playing guitar and piano, knitting, sucking at photography, ninja vegan baking, and cooking things with slightly more chili in than the average human palate can stand.

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